TheWorkPlaceConnects.ca is a FREE online tool designed to assist employers in their recruiting needs.

Quickly and Easily Post Jobs

Currently, more and more Job Seekers use the Internet in their job searching; posting your job online puts your opportunities in front of many qualified candidates. We are  committed to providing you access to a pool of candidates for every type of job opening that you may have, even seasonal. Not only will you find the best candidates, but you can find them with the click of a mouse.

Search Our Resume Database

You will gain access to a large database of active job seeker resumes helping you save valuable time when searching for candidates for your immediate and future requirements.

Setup Profile

If you are interested in obtaining your free account, follow the step-by-step instructions below:

◦Click on the “CREATE AN ACCOUNT” link

◦Enter your basic information (Full Name, email, username, password) ◦Log in using the username and password you have create

◦Click on “CREATE EMPLOYER PROFILE” under the Register as an Employer section (NOTE: It is important that you complete ALL of the required fields and upload your company logo, as it will appear on our home page when you post your employment opportunities on our site.)

◦Click on “ADD NEW COMPANY” at the bottom right hand corner

At this point, we will receive a notification of your request and will review your information within 24 business hours. Once this is completed, you will have access to post employment opportunities and search through resumes in our existing database.

Please remember, that we are still available to recruit and screen on your behalf for any specific human resources needs that you may have. This new system is an enhancement to our services.

Account Approval

Once your account is approved, you are ready to start posting your jobs and searching through resumes.  All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

◦Log in using the username and password that you created

◦Select Employer Tools ◦Then you have 7 options to choose from:

1.Post a job – Creates a job posting

2.List my jobs – pulls up a report on the jobs that you have posted

3.List job templates – You can create a template for your job postings

4.E-Mail templates – You can create a template on how you respond to applicants

5.View your applicants – Brings up a report on who has applied to your job postings

6.Search our resume database – Search through resumes of registered applicants

7.Resume tags – allows you to select keywords (tags) to search for in resumes


Our team of professional staff can assist you with FREE personalized services to support you with your employee recruitment and hiring needs.The Workplace Group employer services