Job Seeker Profile

Job Seeker Registration and Profile Setup 

STEP 1  To obtain your free account and gain access to hundreds of employment opportunities, including our FREE Career events please complete the following:

  • Enter your basic information (Full Name, email, username, password)


  • Log in using the username and password you have created
  • Click on “CREATE JOB SEEKER PROFILE” button under the Register as a Job Seeker section
  • Fill in all information as requested on each tab

* (NOTE: When filling in the Text Resume, ensure that you first save your resume as a RTF or TXT and then copy and paste the text version.)

  • Click on “ADD NEW RESUME” at the bottom right hand corner, you may upload a maximum of 5 resumes

* (NOTE: When you upload your full resume as an attachment, only “pdf”, “doc”, “docx”, “rtf”, “jpeg”, “jpg”, “png”, “gif” file types are allowed.)


If you are registering for one of our upcoming Job Fairs, you will have an opportunity to view the job postings prior to the event itself.  This will give you an opportunity to customize your resume to match the companies that you are targeting that day.

You also have access to various tools that will assist you in your job searching.

  • Under the heading of Job Seeker Tools, you can select from the following:
  • My Applications - this allows you to keep track of postings you have applied to
  • Cover Letters - You can create and save your cover letters
  • My Resume Files - You can create and save up to 5 versions of your resume
  • RSS Feeds - create an RSS feed to show you what new jobs have been posted